Flood Light Bulbs

Flood Light Bulbs

When you think of flood light bulbs, what immediately comes to mind are those types of lights that provide a bright illumination to the surrounding area to deter crime. While it may be true in most cases, flood light bulbs can also be used to enhance the beauty of your home. In fact, it can serve a dual purpose, which is, providing a security blanket for your home and at the same time, washing your home and your lawn with different colors that would surely mesmerize you.

Flood light bulbs come in different sizes and forms. The most common, however, is the moon shaped bulb that provides for greater illumination on its surroundings. This particular aspect, however, sometimes depend on the number of wattage your flood light bulb has. Naturally, a fifty watts flood light bulb would not be as bright as that of one hundred watts bulbs, but definitely cheaper when it comes down to electricity costs. The secret actually lies in its casing. If you notice, most flood light bulbs are encased in a half-moon or cone-shaped enclosures that are layered with a silver patina on the sides. This design allows for the light produced by the bulb inside to bounce back and forth the silver coating. This process intensifies the brightness. When it finally shines out the opening of the enclosure, it gives the appearance of light flooding out from the source, hence the term floodlights.

Modern flood light bulbs are composed of tiny LED lights which are clustered together to form one single light source. Aside from giving off a bright glare, their electrical consumption is lesser than a single fifty watts, or one hundred watts bulb. They are made in such a way that they could last a long time. Typical light bulbs, when dropped even at very low heights may become damaged. It is different with modern floodlights composed of LED because they can withstand the shock when they are accidentally dropped.

Although the typical color of flood light bulb is yellowish, there are models that produce a dazzling white light, or other soft color tones like red or green. They can be used indoors as your wall illuminators, or outdoors, which will add more texture and detail to your house.

I bought two flood light bulbs, which I use to illuminate a portion of my garden. As soon as nighttime falls, I turn them on and I would immediately be transported to a magical paradise. My garden would take on a different form, some unearthly beauty that is beyond words to describe. The gentle softness that my garden possesses explodes in vibrant colors, whenever I turn on my flood light bulbs. When my friends saw the beautiful transformation, they installed their own floodlights in their gardens too, and saw the same pleasant change that they witnessed in my garden. I would definitely recommend flood light bulbs to anyone who wants to transform their garden.

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